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Lottery winner

Another area resident has struck it rich.
Congratulations to Finch resident Kaitlyn (Kaity) MacMillan, the latest winner of $1,000 a week for life with Instant Cash for Life. Kaity opted for a lump sum payment of $675,000.

Video: Save Our Libraries

Here's an interview with a leader of the Save Our Libraries movement.

11th hour appeal

Protesters have gathered at the Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry united counties building in an 11th hour appeal to save the Dalkeith, St. Andrews West and Morewood library branches, which are set to officially close September 3.


Man charged with attacking service dog

A 46-year-old North Glengarry man has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly throwing rocks at a woman's service dog.
Ricky Sabourin was also charged with assault with a weapon and mischief after police responded to a disturbance August 12 on
St. James Street in Alexandria. The investigation concluded that during an altercation, a man struck the woman's service dog.
The accused is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Alexandria October 12.

Everyone say, "Ah..."

Umbrellas are being dusted off as we get some relief from the drought.

North Glengarry is urging citizens to cut water use by 20 per cent, however, rain is expected for most of the weekend.


One of the best

This year's edition of the Williamstown Fair was one of the best yet, with an estimated 18,000 people, including one tired youngster, attending the exhibition.

Thanks to Brigitte Loos for sharing this adorable photo.

More images of the big event can be found in the August 10 edition of The News.



Appeal for hay money

The Refuge RR animal shelter near Alexandria has issued the folllowing appeal:

"We are looking to raise funds for our hay costs this year. We have been told by all the hay dealers that because of the spring drought, there is half the amount of hay and it will cost double the price. We are barely able to keep up to our $1650 weekly for our hay and now with the price rising, it will make it impossible to feed them. Please help now by going to and make a donation, plus by doing so you get an instant tax slip. Thank you."

Dalkeith Library on the CBC

At 7:50 a.m. Barb Lehtiniemi will be interviewed on CBC Radio, 91.5 FM, on the pending closure of the Dalkeith Library. You can also listen at

'Cowardly' decision

North Glengarry Deputy Mayor Jamie MacDonald and other library supporters are upset after SD&G County Library Board’s “cowardly” decision to close the Dalkeith, St. Andrews West and Morewood branches. After a 3-3 tie vote at a Friday meeting, chair Bill McGimpsey broke the deadlock, sealing the fate of the branches. Read more in the August 3 edition of The News.

New tradition

Something old and something new. That proves to be a winning combination for the Glengarry Highland Games, which this year featured a kilt run, led off by Michael Smith and his horse, MP.

Read more in the August 3 edition of The News.

Great Games

The 2016 edition of the Glengarry Highland Games will go down as being one of the best yet.

Full coverage in the August 3 edition of The News.

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Grotto revival

The statues, including this Crucifixion depiction, were removed from the Alexandria Grotto as work began Thursday to refurbish the shrine.