Polar Bear Dip set for 2pm today on Alexandria's Mill Pond

The annual polar bear dip in support of the Glengarry Sports Hall of Fame is  go for today at 2pm, as a slate of plungers/dippers has signed up for the cause.

Here's the roster of participants:

1. Joey Seguin & Patrick Paquette
2. Tyler Dauner & Ali Macleod
3. Amanda Hope & Hayley Cholette
4. Sherry Davis & Don Proctor
5. Henry Dore & Tammy Bond
6. Brian Dunham & Jeff Dorn
7. Andrew Cattanach & Sarah & Aaron Taylor
8. Trevor Bougie & Laura Wheeler
9. Scott, Shawna & Corey Cameron
10. Martin Lavigne & Carole Deguire
11. Donnie Morris & Cathy Maclean
12. Jamie MacDonald & Rodney Shepherd
13. Yves Poirier & Shawn Palin

And here's a shot of the icy water all ready for the event:

ice hole
Photo courtesy Rodney Shepherd