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June 4 results from the Cornwall Motor Speedway

sean Jun 5, 2017 - 4:45pm

The Empire Super Sprints raced at the Cornwall Motor Speedway on Sunday evening, the class' first visit since 2008.

In the 25-lap feature, Paulie Colagiovanni brought the red on the initial start, though he escaped without any injuries. On the restart, Jordan Poirier took the lead over Jake Brown, while Alex Vigneault took third. Unfortunately for him, he soon hit the wall hard in the backstretch, ending his night. Two more laps were done in the feature when Coleman Gullick and Chris Jones got together. Jordan Poirer pulled away from the rest of the field, as his uncle took second, and Alain Bergeron completed the top three. It was Poirier's first career win in the ESS.

In other events on Sunday night, Luke Whitteker led the way at the start of the 30-lap Modified feature. With just one lap done, Brian McDonald went off the track in turn 3. Whitteker retained the lead, with Gabriel Richer joining the top three, but he was soon passed by Mario Clair. While the leader had a good lead over the field, Clair passed Marc Therrien for second, with 14 laps to go. Whitteker went on to win his first event of the season, in front of Clair and Chris Raabe.

CD Beauchamp had a quick start in the 25-lap Pro-Stock race. Kody Kelly was quick on the outside lane, with Kevin Fetterly moving to second as Beauchamp faded to third. Caution came out on lap 5 for Roch Aubin, who was stopped in turn 2. On the restart, Fetterly was strong, taking the lead over Kelly. Fetterly resisted challengers in the latter portion of the race from Dave Bissonnette and George Renaud, who would go on to round out the top three finishers. The win for Fetterly was his first of 2017.

Empire Super Sprints Feature Results (25 laps): Jordan Poirier, Steve Poirier, Alain Bergeron, Mitch Brown, Jason Barney, Paul Kinney, Yan Bilodeau, Lee Ladouceur, Dan Douville, Jeff Cook, Coleman Gulick, Devon Caron, Guillaume Nedeirer, Dave Axton, Matt Billings, Jake Brown, Matt Tanner, Chris Jones, Alex Vigneault, Brett Wright, Paulie Colagiovanni.

Modified Feature Results (30 laps): Luke Whitteker, Mario Clair, Chris Raabe, Danny Johnson, Gabriel Richer, Marc Therrien, Joey Ladouceur, Corey Wheeler, Mathieu Boisvert, Gage Morin, Brian McDonald, JF Corriveau, Stephane Lafrance, David Papineay, Paul St-Sauveur, Louie Jackson, Tim O'Brien, David Hebert, Lance Willix, Mike Maresca (DNS).

Sportsman Feature Results (25 laps): Derek Cryderman, Martin Hebert, Justin Lalancette, Shane Pecore, Dillon Sallows, Tyler Givogue, Ricky Thompson, Adam Rozon, Thomas Cook, Tristan Draper, Cedric Gauvreau, Ryan Stabler, Francis Blanchette, Brianna Ladouceur, Gabriel Cyr, Billy Cook, Junior Delormier, Chris Ferguson, Alex Gagnon, Emmanuel St-Denis, Steve Morris, Scott McGill.

Pro-Stock Feature Results (25 laps): Kevin Fetterly, Dave Bissonnette, George Renaud, Ghislain Valade, Jeffrey Lapalme, CD Beauchamp, Bob Ray, Dave Seguin, Marc Lalonde, Stephane Lebrun, Justin Desrosiers, Kody Kelly, Roch Aubin.

Novice Sportsman (15 laps): Kurtis Cayer, Rosco Gareau, Kelvin Lalonde, Dudes Thompson, Joey Paquette.

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