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Lawsuit against wind farms

publisher Jan 30, 2018 - 1:36pm
New argument

Industrial wind turbine opponents in North Stormont and The Nation are backing a lawsuit that groups have launched against the Ontario environment ministry for allegedly failing to protect the public from noise caused by the power generators. "The Concerned Citizens of North Stormont are in complete support of this legal challenge," said spokesperson Margaret Benke. "Protection of the health and safety of well over 1,200 local residents is our main concern and we feel that the MOECC must be held to account."

"We fully support this legal action," said Julie Leroux, spokesperson for Save the Nation. "By allowing the construction of the Eastern Fields project, according to outdated noise regulations, the MOECC would deny protection of health and well-being for hundreds of local residents, for the next 20 years. We strongly feel that this is unacceptable." Opponents estimate that if developers were forced to adhere to new stricter noise limits, up to three-quarters of these turbines would have to be relocated or removed.