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Tagwi aiming to bring high school football back

Tagwi Secondary School is aiming to return to the high school gridiron this fall, if there is sufficient interest. A student meeting is planned for this week.

Here is the full text of the announcement:

Attention all current Grade 8,9,10,11, and returning Grade 12 students who are interested in playing varsity football next year. There will be a VERY important meeting on Wednesday at 11:33 in the Weight Room. The purpose of the meeting will be to determine if there is enough student commitment and interest to field a varsity football team next year. It is imperative that any student interested in playing football next year attends this meeting. Fielding a football team requires a large time commitment on behalf of both the community and teacher coaches as well as students-athletes. Therefore, students that are interested in playing football next year, need to consider the time they will need to commit to after-school practices, games, fundraising initiatives, as well as their academics. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school to speak with Mr. Coleman.

In following up with school athletics coordinator Brandon Coleman, the plan is to use this meeting to make a decision one way or the other, as the league needs a commitment now to facilitate planning for the fall season.

It is already known that league-wide, the junior division has been scrapped for the 2016 season, much to the chagrin of GDHS coaches who valued this level for the development of players. The league plan is for a varsity level only, which means each school entered can field one team of players in any grade.

There was also grumbling last year from the Catholic schools in the Cornwall area about GDHS' joint program with VCI (an initiative that has benefited kids at both schools and football in general in the area. Some expect this matter to be once again contentious.

We will follow these issues and have more details in The Glengarry News in the weeks and months ahead.

Holy Trinity athlete qualifies for East Regionals

Here's an item from Holy Trinity about student-athlete Emma Bacchiochi's recent success at EOSSAA track and field. 

The May 25 edition of The Glengarry News includes more track and field stories and photos.

Splash pad open today at Williamstown Park

Full house takes in Sunday night racing at the Speedway

It was a glorious night for dirt track racing Sunday, as fans flocked to the Cornwall Motor Speedway to fill the new grandstand.

racing action
Alexandria drivers Joel Doiron 40 and Joey Ladouceur 23 duel it out. (RICK YOUNG PHOTO

May 22 results

Canadian Nationals Modified Feature (125 laps): Danny Johnson, Erick Rudolph, Steve Bernard, Kyle Dingwall, Brian McDonald, Yan Bussiere, Corey Wheeler, Carey Terrance, Danny O'Brien, Steve Bernier, Bobby Herrington, Stephane Lafrance, Dany Bilodeau, Lance Willix, Paul St-Sauveur, Mathieu Desjardins, Tim O'Brien, Mario Clair, Michael Parent, Chris Herbison, Gabriel Richer, Joey Ladouceur, David Papineau, Marc Therrien, Roger Levesque, Jordan McCreadie, Joel Doiron, Gage Morin, Luke Whitteker, J-F Corriveau, Chris Raabe, Zach Aubertine.

Sportsman Feature (25 laps): Tyler Givogue, Steve Morris, Ryan Stabler, Shane Pecore, Jessica Power, Martin Hebert, Louie Jackson, Emmanuel St-Denis, Adam Rozon, Billy Cook, Aaron Pugh, David Andre, Thomas Cook, Mike Stacey, Miguel Peterson, Justin Lalancette, Tristan Draper, Ryan Comeau, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Jesse Hudson, Gilles Godard, Ricky Thompson, Derek Cryderman, Chantal Provencher, Brianna Ladouceur, Gabriel Cyr, Scott Mcgill, Zach Arquiett.

Pro-Stock Feature (20 laps): Marc Lalonde, Dave Seguin, CD Beauchamp, Terry Ladouceur, Dave Bissonnette, Justin Desrosiers, Rock Aubin, Stephane Lebrun, Ghislain Valade, George Renaud, PJ Peters, Preston Forbes, Claude Parisien, Kevin Fetterly, Alain Tardif, Francis Desjardins, Riley McMonagle, Jamie Malyon.

Novice Sportsman (15 laps): Tom Roy, Junior Delormier, Jarret Herbison, Greg Ezard, Chris Zieren, Mike Evans, Jacob Clancy, Dudes Thompson, Chris Ferguson, Brent Lozo, Suzie Roy.

Mini-Stock (12 laps): Bob Ray, Mike Gaucher, Matthew Moore, Skylar Ladouceur, Marc Dagenais, Steven Quesnel, Teddy Baird, Stephane Charbonneau, Patrice Moniere, Jean-Pierre Jeanneault, Corey Gates, Paul Deblois, Francis Blanchette.

Bonus Program
Modified Bonus Award: Danny Johnson
Halfway Sportsman Bonus Award: Steve Morris
Halfway Bonus Pro-Stock: Marc Lalonde
Mini-Stock Halfway Bonus: Bob Ray
Novice Sportsman Bonus: Chris Zieren
6th place finisher Bonus: Mike Evans
Miss the Podium Award Sportsman: Kyle Dingwall
Hard-Luck Award: Suzie Roy
Hard-Charger Award: Tom Roy

Mosquito Gaels drop close football game to Wildcats

The mosquito Gaels fell 19-12 to Cornwall #3 in spring youth football action on Sunday. Glengarry's offence came from Cameron Belisle, who accounted for both touchdowns.

With the loss, the mosquito squad drops to 0-3 on the season.

Pole vaulting shines among local high schoolers, thanks to Martintown's Rory Blackadder

The May 25 edition of The Glengarry News includes photos and results from last week's EOSSAA track and field meet. Among the highlights were the performances of local pole vaulters, coached by Rory Blackadder.  Here are a couple of additional photos Blackadder shared with us.

Brennan Seguin clears the bar.


Coach reflects on experience guiding Glengarry tyke football team

Glengarry's tyke football team fell to 0-3 on the season with a 51-18 loss on Sunday, in Alexandria. Gaels touchdowns came from Travis Brisbois (2) and Jacob Menard. Among the other Glengarry highlights was the play of Connor McDougall, who had big runs on offence and strong blocking.

The game was tight through to the third quarter, where the Cornwall Black Wildcats led by just two points. 

For photos from the game, please see our online gallery.

Assistant coach Simon Korteweg says of his time working with the tykes, "I love coaching them. Showing up to practice to coach them is always the highlight of the week because they're all always energetic and willing to learn. We've come a long way since the first practice, and we're only getting better."

GDHS to host EOSSAA boys soccer on Tuesday

The regional soccer high school championships, EOSSAA, for junior and senior boys 'A' divisions will be held in Alexandria on Tuesday, May 24. Matches will be played on the arena field (Glengarry Sports Palace) and the main pitch at GDHS throughout the day.

The Gaels are in the senior group, along with the Crusaders, while Char-Lan and Le Relais are in the junior competition.


Photo gallery: high school soccer rivalry, Char-Lan DHS vs Glengarry DHS, senior boys and senior girls matches, May 12

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Recent high school junior soccer results

The May 18 edition of The Glengarry News includes a feature story on high school soccer, final standings, the playoff schedule, senior results, and more. What follows here are recent results for junior teams, as, due to space limitations, we weren't able to get these details into the newspaper.

Junior boys

  • Char-Lan 2 vs GDHS 1 (Lochlan MacDonald)
  • GDHS 6 (Dove Rickerd 4, unknown 2) vs St. Joseph's 2
  • Tagwi 1 (Keeton Merriman) vs North Dundas
  • Char-Lan 4 (Toby Schwartz 3, Trevor Spence) vs North Dundas 0
  • Char-Lan 5 (Spence 2, Schwartz 2, Xandre Seguin) vs Tagwi 0
  • Char-Lan 4 vs St. Lawrence 0
  • Char-Lan 1 (Spence) vs Holy Trinity 0
  • GDHS 9 (Bailey Pidgeon 3, Rickerd 2, Cameron Poirier 2, Hamish MacLeod, Hunter MacPherson) vs Seaway 1
  • Holy Trinity 5 (Bennet Mesman 2, Greg Zeaton, Nick Chaput, Ethan Tait) vs St. Lawerence 1
  • Tagwi 4 (Kalin Gates 2, Ivan Schellenberg, Merriman) vs Seaway 2
  • GDHS 3 (Pidgeon, Poirier, MacLeod) vs North Dundas 0
  • GDHS 5 (Pidgeon 2, Rickerd 2, Xaavian Ali) vs Tagwi 2 (Paul Perras 2)
  • St. Joseph's 4 vs Tagwi 3 (Gates 2, Merriman)
  • GDHS 0 vs La Citadelle 0

Junior girls

  • Holy Trinity 8 (Dara Laframboise 3, Emma Bacchiochi 2, Kara McClennaugh, Sarah Lefebvre) vs St. Lawrence 0
  • Tagwi 4 (Brooklyn Woodside 2, Georgia Merriman, Cassie MacDonell) vs GDHS 2 (unknown 2)
  • Tagwi 5 (Merriman 3, Annie Bender 2) vs Seaway 0
  • St. Joseph's 7 vs Tagwi 1 (A. Bender)
  • Tagwi 2 (Shelby Booker, Woodside) vs La Citadelle 1
  • Seaway 1 vs GDHS 0

OVFL Wildcats to kick off 2016 season on the road

The 2016 season of OVFL action for the Cornwall Wildcats will kick off on the road, as the boys are booked to travel to play the York Region Lions on Saturday, May 21.

This year's edition of the 'Cats includes Glengarrians Jeremy Beaudin (linebacker), Micheal Bissonnette (defensive back), Shayne Connelly (offensive lineman), Terry Dogbey (defensive back), Cameron Howes (linebacker), and Alex Zarifi (slot back).

Two student-athletes from Tagwi are on the roster: Morgan Kane and Connor MacMillan.

Holy Trinity also has players with the OV squad: Michael Sarkissian and Tyler Fisher.

A former county athlete, Sebastien Barbeau, attends John Abbott College in Quebec and is listed as a full back with the Wildcats this summer.

Among the coaches is the county's own Alex Labonte. The head coach is Cornwall's Kirby Camplin.

football photo
Cameron Howes as seen in a recent scrimmage at John Abbott College. (Sean Bray photo)

Glengarry Gaels community football schedule for week 3

All four Glengarry Gaels youth community football teams will be in action again during the third week of the spring league season, though the peewee match has been bumped from Sunday to Tuesday, May 24, in Cornwall, starting at 6:30pm.

In Alexandria, on Sunday, May 22, the tykes will begin the day at 9am, followed by the mosquitos at 11am. The bantams are booked to play in Cornwall at 2pm.

For more football news, please see the May 18 edition of The Glengarry News. We also have photos in our online galleries here.

May 15 results from Cornwall Motor Speedway

Be sure to check out the May 18 edition of The Glengarry News for a story about Alexandria's Roch Aubin winning the Pro-Stock feature on opening night at the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

Here are the evening's complete results:

Modified Feature (30 laps): Carey Terrance, Mario Clair, Brian McDonald, Lance Willix, Chris Raabe, Bobby Herrington, Joel Doiron, Joey Ladouceur, Tim O'Brien, Kyle Dingwall ,Gage Morin, Gabriel Richer, Lee Ladouceur, Corey Wheeler, David Papineau, Marc Therrien, Roger Levesque, Stephane Lafrance.

Race for the Cure Sportsman Series Feature (100 laps): Shane Pecore, Justin Lalancette, Martin Pelletier, Brianna Ladouceur, Thomas Cook, Tyler Givogue, Tristan Draper, Felix Murray, Aaron Pugh, Mike Stacey, Ryan Comeau, Gilles Godard, Louie Jackson, Miguel Peterson, David Lapointe, Emmanuel St-Denis, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Gabriel Cyr, Scott Mcgill, Derek Cryderman, Steve Morris, Ryan Stabler, Mathieu Bardier, Alex Lajoie, Billy Cook, Jason Shipclark, Jessica Power, Ricky Thompson, Adam Rozon, Nathan Berry.

Pro-Stock Feature (20 laps): Rock Aubin, George Renaud, Ghislain Valade, Kevin Fetterly, Stephane Lebrun, PJ Peters, Dave Seguin, CD Beauchamp, Terry Ladouceur, Riley McMonagle, Jamie Malyon, Alain Tardif, Marc Lalonde, Francis Desjardins, Sean Johnson, Justin Desrosiers.

Novice Sportsman Results (15 laps): Junior Delormier, Chris Zieran, Pascal Racette, Greg Ezard.

Mini-Stock Results (12 laps): Marc Dagenais, Bob Ray, Skylar Ladouceur, Francis Blanchette, Dustin Bode, Jean-Guy Labrecque, Steven Quesnel, Jason Lamothe, Alexis Charbonneau, Paul Deblois, Corey Gates.

Bonus Program
Modified Bonus Award: Carey Terrance
Sportsman Bonus Award: Shane Pecore
Halfway Bonus Pro-Stock: Dave Bissonnette
Mini-Stock Halfway Bonus: Marc Dagenais
Novice Sportsman Bonus: Junior Delormier
6th place finisher Bonus: Jean-Guy Labrecque
Miss the Podium Award Sportsman: Brianna Ladouceur
Hard-Luck Award: Paul Deblois
Hard-Charger Award: Jean-Guy Labrecque

Last day of regular season today in high school soccer

Today is the last day of the regular season in SDGAA high school soccer. Senior matches are being played at Char-Lan DHS in Williamstown, while junior games are ongoing at Tagwi and La Citadelle.

Playoffs are slated for Wednesday (boys) and Thursday (girls).

Youth football season kicks off (photos)

The spring youth football season kicked off on Sunday, and we have coverage set to run in the May 11 edition of The Glengarry News.

We shot photos at a bantam game in Alexandria, between the Glengarry Gaels and Cornwall's Blue Wildcats. Check out the gallery here.

football action

Race fans: drivers are ready to start their engines

We are only a few days away from the official start to the 2016 racing season at the Cornwall Motor Speedway. On Tuesday (May 10), drivers will get their first practice runs on the track, and the event is open to the public.

For the first time in many years, Cornwall has scheduled a Test and Tune night that will permit drivers to test their cars and the technical team to verify several aspects of the vehicles, such as security features. Running this event in the evening will give drivers a chance to test on conditions similar to what they find at a regular Sunday race. 

Gates will open at 5pm, with the first practice scheduled to start at 6:30pm. Each class will have its own session that will last for approximately 10 minutes. All regular classes will have three or four sessions over the course of the evening, with time also set aside for the visiting series.

Spectator entry is $10 per person. Unfortunately, access to the newly rebuilt grandstands will not be permitted, as the final inspection is only scheduled for later in the week.

files from Martin Bélanger

Schedule for May 7 soccer fundraiser tournament at the dome


sched 1
sched 2

May 4 senior high school soccer in Williamstown (4 matches)

Please note: All photographs posted here are copyright-protected. High-resolution copies are available for purchase from The Glengarry News in both print and digital formats. For more information, contact us, or drop by our office in Alexandria.

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