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River Kings owner speaks about team's revenue issues

office Jun 24, 2014 - 3:56pm

The following is a reprint of a statement from new Cornwall River Kings owner Brock Frost. 

If I received a nickel for every comment made about the “Colts advertising dilemma”, I would likely have enough money to pay for the entire upcoming season. The truth of the matter is however that the Colts are not responsible for the previous two seasons of failure. Rather, and quite bluntly, the Cornwall River Kings failed due to top-down mismanagement and lack of vision. 

As I have responded on numerous occasions, any business, if run poorly, will fail. The River Kings are not unique to this equation.  When I began looking into the acquisition of the River Kings several months ago, I saw enormous potential under the proper structure. My projections in fact predict a substantial profit at the end of the upcoming season.  Now, do I wish I had legal rights to the rink board advertising? Absolutely, I do. Do I wish the City of Cornwall would follow the other municipalities in the league by giving financial support to their team? Of course I do.  But am I dependent on this support to make the River Kings a success? The answer is simply no.

The advertising contract the Colts have with the City is a mere fraction of my potential revenue stream.  Most people believe that without this revenue the River Kings cannot survive. That is purely not true.  The River Kings have the support (the highest fan turnout in the league) of the people but like any business or organization, it requires strength and sound leadership from the top. I will be the first to admit that I am not a hockey player by any means - and although I enjoy the game from the comfort of the stands, I am a businessman and my approach to the River Kings is exactly that. 

In a short time we have made tremendous progress ranging from a new corporate structure, a new team logo (to be trademarked), a new website, a new GM, a packed press conference, a successful draft in Sorel, Québec and the launch of the Cornwall River Kings Booster Club. This, of course, is in addition to almost $30,000 in ticket sales in the first week alone. 

Furthermore, I am fully aware that there are people in the City that want to see me fail; both for business and political reasons. My response to them is that not only is it a mathematical certainty that the River Kings will be a success but this negativity only pushes me harder to succeed. So with that being said, I must thank these individuals for their (lack of) support.

Without any doubt, the River Kings are stronger than ever and my heart goes out to the thousands of fans who continue to support me in this venture. I am truly looking forward to the upcoming season.


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office Jun 18, 2014 - 3:13pm

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Celtics junior C lacrosse team remains strong

office Jun 18, 2014 - 2:59pm

The Cornwall Celtics junior C lacrosse team sports a 7-3 record as the boys prepare to host Gloucester on Thursday, June 19 at the Cornwall multi-sport complex. Start time is set for 8pm for this, the team's second last home game of the regular season. The Celtics will also play June 28 at 3pm in Cornwall.

For player stats, check out this link. The squad includes several Glengarry county boys. Among them are defenders Liam Vipond (#24)Quin McDonell (#3), and Brendan Vipond (#8), as well as forwards Blain Mackay (#16).


Cornwall Motor Speedway results from June 15

office Jun 18, 2014 - 2:38pm

(By Martin Bélanger)     It was a great evening of racing on Father's day at Cornwall Motor Speedway as a full show was on the schedule. There was also a special attraction for the kids during intermission time as they had their annual tire race.

In the  30-lap Modified feature, Joel Doiron took the lead as the yellow came on lap 1 for David Papineau. Doiron in the lead with Laurent Ladouceur taking second, while running for third, Brian McDonald spun in turn two on lap #6. Doiron still first as Chris Raabe charged to second as a 3-car accident occurred with 22 laps to go. Raabe had the car to beat as he took first on the following green as Dale Planck was now running in fourth as Carey Terrance joined him at the halfway point as they had a great battle for third. Raabe saw his great lead vanished with 9 to go as Doiron slowed the field down. Raabe had Terrance on his back bumper until for second until Terrance got a left rear flat bringing yellow with 3 laps to go. Raabe led the final laps with Planck, Ladouceur, Stephane Lafrance and Gage Morin completing the top 5.

Claude Parisien was the initial leader in the 20-lap Pro-Stock feature. C-D Beauchamp brought the caution out on lap 3. Marc Lalonde had a strong start on the green and took the spot with Rock Aubin running in third. Lalonde still the leader at the halfway point with Aubin racing hard for second spot with Parisien. Stephane Lebrun joined the leader pack with 5 laps go as took the high lane to take second. Lebrun got closer to Lalonde with 2 laps to go. Lebrun was too fast for Lalonde and came in first winning his second feature in a row over Lalonde and Parisien completed the podium.

A full field of 24 cars took the initial green in the 20-lap Sportsman feature as Steve Coté was the leader; Dillon Sallows spun in turn 3 and yellow was out with 1 lap in. On the restart, Louie Jackson Jr, jumps to the lead and led 8 laps until Adam Rozon brought the yellow. Jackson is still the leader as Mitch Primeau was third. Shane Pecore made a great move from the inside lane on lap 13 and took second. Pecore used the same move to pass Jackson with 5 laps to go. Pecore never looked back and scored his second feature of the season over Jackson and Primeau.

Derek Cryderman took command in the 15-lap Semi-Pro feature; Cryderman got a sizeable lead over Nick Gauvreau and Pascal Racette. Cryderman led the first 13 laps as Gauvreau stopped in turn 4. Cryderman was able to resist a late charge from Racette to win his first event of the season over Racette and Junior Delormier.

The 12-lap Mini-Stock feature saw Elizabeth Gauthier take the early lead as she spun out in turn 2 on the second lap giving the lead to Marc Dagenais as Corbin Millar's car caught in fire in the engine bay. On the restart, Chris James took the lead as Francis Blanchette came on strong and took second and set eyes on the leader. Red flag came out on lap 8 as Natacha Lebrun landed on her roof in the backstretch, no injuries for Natacha. On the final lap, Blanchette pushed a little bit too hard on James and was relegated to third giving the win to Marc Dagenais, his first of the season.

Modified Results (30 laps): Chris Raabe, Dale Planck, Laurent Ladouceur, Stephane Lafrance, Gage Morin, Michel Chicoine, Gabriel Richer, Simon Perreault, Kyle Dingwall, Brian McDonald, Joel Doiron, Charlie Rice, Carey Terrance, Chris Herbison, Travis Stacey, David Papineau, April Wilson, Bruno Lepage, Marc Therrien

Pro-Stock Results (20 laps): Stephane Lebrun, Marc Lalonde, Claude Parisien, Rock Aubin, George Renaud, Dave Bissonnette, Jocelyn Roy, Rosco Garreau, Eli Gilbert, Charles-David Beauchamp, Chris Tremblay, Trevor Gaucher, Shawn Johnston, Dave Seguin, Terry Ladouceur

Sportsman Results (20 laps): Shane Pecore, Louie Jackson, Mitch Primeau, Corey Wheeler, Justin Lalancette, Steve Cote, Gilles Godard, Robert Delormier, Wyatt Mullin, Mike Stacey, Ricky Thompson, Ryan Stabler, Dillon Sallows, Adam Rozon, Eric Lapointe, Jasmine David, Thomas Cook, Miguel Peterson, Tristan Draper, Jean-Nicholas Gareau, Scott McGill, Joey Ladouceur, Mike Maresca, Jason Shipclark

Semi-Pro Results (15 laps): Derek Cryderman, Pascal Racette, Junior Delormier, Anthony Perron, Sheldon Hoogwerf, Nicholas Gauvreau, Richard Brady, Nathan Berry (DNS)

Mini-Stock Results (12 laps): Marc Dagenais, Chris James, Francis Blanchette, Francis Aborameh, JF Page, Francis Desjardins, Marc Chartrand, Elizabeth Gauthier, Jamie Truelove, Steve Morin, Sylvain Frenette, Darryl Mitchell, Natasha Lebrun, Justin Desrosiers, Corbin Miller, Riley McMonagle


River Kings draft and trade updates

office Jun 18, 2014 - 2:32pm

(By Rodney Wilson)   It’s been a busy week for River Kings general manager Mitch Gagne.

The River Kings new GM made his fourth trade of the week on Saturday afternoon at the LNAH draft in Sorel, re-acquiring sparkplug Anthony Pittarelli from Laval for a sixth-round pick.

“Pittarelli is already a fan favourite,” said Gagne. “He’ll be looking for a fresh start in Cornwall and he’ll have a better understanding of his role here.”

And then there was the draft itself, as Cornwall added nine more players to its fold. The River Kings first pick didn’t come until the fourth round, 31st overall. They selected a 23-year-old defencemen from Valleyfield, Mathieu Leduc.

“Leduc is the key guy for us,” said Gagne, who added that speedster Julien Corriveau had a hand in Leduc being drafted by Cornwall. “We have a solid defencemen here who was highly recommended to us.” 

Of the nine players selected by the River Kings on Saturday, six were from Ontario. “Yes, the focus was on Ontario players today but we still have another 5-6 guys from Quebec on our radar for training camp,” said Gagne.

Local defenceman Jason Lepine was selected by the River Kings in the fifth round. “We have been in contact with Lepine and he has not made a decision yet for 2014-15,” said Gagne.

Cornwall also selected Billy Ulrick, who recently finished his Jr. A career with the Colts. “Billy showed interest in us and we’re looking forward to seeing him at training camp,” said Gagne.

Earlier this week, the River Kings also re-acquired popular defenceman Mario Joly from Laval for Jean-Francois Laplante, Nicolas Sigouin and 5th round pick. Cornwall also acquired Guillaume Desbiens and James Desmarais from Jonquiere for future considerations and Anthony Mezzagno from Riviere-du-Loup in exchange for a 5th round draft pick.

Here’s a complete list of River Kings draft picks from Saturday with round, player’s name, position, age, hometown and height/weight:

Round 4: Mathieu Leduc, D, 23, Valleyfield, QC, 6'1" 200 lbs.
Round 5: Jason Lepine, D, 29, Cornwall, ON, 6' 185 lbs.
Round 5: Will Colbert, D, 29, Arnprior, ON, 6'2" 220 lbs.
Round 7: Julien Houle, LW, 22, Rouyn-Noranda, QC, 5'9" 180 lbs.
Round 7: Anthony Courcelles, RW, 22, Laval, QC, 6'1" 186 lbs.
Round 8: Scott Wray, LW, 34, Ottawa, ON, 5'11" 190 lbs.
Round 9: Vince Perreault, C, 24, Braeside, ON, 5'11" 192 lbs.
Round 10: Billy Ulrick, C, 24, Belleville, ON, 5'7" 177 lbs.
Round 10: Nick Fillion, G, 25, Cornwall, ON, 5'11" 178 lbs

June 18 trade announcement

The River Kings have swapped goaltenders with the Sorel-Tracy Eperviers. Cornwall has shipped backup Paul Bourbeau Jr. to Sorel in exchange for veteran netminder Francis Gourdeau.

“Paul wants to play more and we can't promise him those minutes,” said general manager Mitch Gagne, who quickly added that Cornwall plans to stick with Loic Lacasse as its No. 1 goalie.

Bourbeau, 21, appeared in six games for the River Kings last season, compiling a 2-1-1 record with a 3.21 goals against average.

The 35-year-old Gourdeau is coming off an impressive season in Sorel. The Montrealer went 15-7-1 with a 3.45 goals against average. “Gourdeau is an experienced guy who will know his role with us,” said Gagne.

The River Kings also get a conditional draft pick in the deal. If Bourbeau suits up for Sorel, Cornwall receives a 6th round pick. If the young goaltender does not play for the Eperviers, the pick becomes an 8th rounder.


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