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Powerless in the East

publisher Nov 1, 2019 - 11:44am

Some 3,363 Hydro One customers in eastern Ontario have been affected by power outages caused by winds peaking at between 70 and 100 km/h along with rain and heavy snow earlier today.
Service is expected to be restored by 4 p.m. at the latest, reports Hydro One.
Province-wide, Hydro One has restored approximately 121,500 customers, with 203,000 customers affected across the province since the start of the event. At this time there are approximately 82,000 customers without power across Hydro One’s distribution system.
There are approximately 32 poles and 3 cross arms that have been damaged and need to be replaced throughout the region. Hydro One has approximately 375 staff working in the region and assistance from multiple local distribution companies in the region. Crews are being mobilized to the hardest hit areas.



Snow-slush day 4

publisher Jan 24, 2019 - 8:37am

Another day, another snow day for area students.

If you managed to dig out from yesterday's snow, you can look forward to freezing rain today, when,

of course, school bus transportation has been cancelled for the fourth consecutive day.

Driving is an adventure again as snow has given way to black ice and slush.

And some parking lots are like rinks.

But we can anticipate a return to lower temperatures later today.

Snow day 3

publisher Jan 23, 2019 - 9:36am

Make it Snow Day Number 3 this week as Old Man Winter decided to give us another helping of snow last night and today.

We can look forward to milder temperatures, and, of course, freezing rain later today, apparently.

Take it easy out there, folks.

How bad is it? A snowplow was in the ditch on the 417 near St-Isidore earlier this morning.