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Warden, Jaworski, Lang, McDonell win

publisher Oct 22, 2018 - 9:41pm
Candidate Votes
Ellery LAFAVE  784
Jacqueline (Jacquie) MILNER  746
Lyle WARDEN  2,902

Councillor (3)

Candidate Votes
Trevor BOUGIE  1,414
Claude BOURCIER  195
Joanne HIGH  325
Stephanie JAWORSKI  2,205
Martin LANG  2,182
Sam MCDONELL  2,031
Bill MCKENZIE  327
Glenn PATTON  925
Jo-Ann PERIARD  353
Hanz SCHULZ  460
David SMALL  878
Duncan WIGHTMAN  1,069

Bancroft out of race

publisher Oct 1, 2018 - 11:17am

Jim Bancroft has withdrawn from the race for the Upper Canada District School Board trustee's post.

"Due to ongoing health issues, and after careful consideration with family and close friends, I have determined that it is in my personal best interest, as well as the residents of North and South Stormont and North and South Glengarry, that I withdraw my candidacy for the English Public School Board Trustee position.  I feel it is important that the residents have an opportunity to review the remaining candidates prior to the election. I wish to thank all those who have supported my candidacy."

John Danaher and Marshall Wilson are trying to succeed Wendy MacPherson on the board.

Mayors acclaimed

publisher Jul 27, 2018 - 3:02pm

North Glengarry’s Jamie MacDonald and South Glengarry’s Frank Prevost have been promoted from deputy mayor to the mayor’s post without opposition after nominations closed today at 2 p.m.

In North Glengarry, Kenyon Councillor Jeff Manley has been re-elected by acclamation while Johanne Wensink has returned to council as Maxville’s representative.

Bob Proulx joins Councillors Brian Caddell and Carma Williams in the race for deputy mayor.

Naval Gupta was a late addition to the ballot, challenging Michel Depratto for the Alexandria councillor’s post. Raymond Quesnel also entered the race late, going up against Andrew McCormick and Brenda Noble for the Lochiel councillor seat.

In the contest for Councillor At Large, incumbent Jacques Massie faces Kevin van den Oetelaar and Louise Quenneville.

Running to succeed Wendy MacPherson as Upper Canada District School Board trustee are Jim Bancroft, John Danaher and Marshall Wilson.

Acclaimed are Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario incumbents Ron Eamer and Todd Lalonde.

Also re-elected by acclamation are Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien member Jonathan DeSerres and Conseil des écoles publique de l’est Ontario rep Lisa Benoit-Lèger.

In South Glengarry, Ellery Lafave is vying for deputy mayor along with Jacqueline Milner and Lyle Warden.

No less than 12 candidates are running for three councillor posts. They are incumbents Trevor Bougie and Bill McKenzie and challengers Joanne High, Stephanie Jaworksi, Martin Lang, Jo-Ann Periard, Glenn Patton, Claude Bourcier, Duncan Wightman, Hanz Schulz, David Small and Sam McDonell.

Caddell vs. Williams

publisher Jul 6, 2018 - 1:24pm

Both Deputy mayor posts in North and South Glengarry are being contested in the lead-up to the October 22 elections.

In North Glengarry, Lochiel Councillor Brian Caddell has withdrawn his nomination as a councillor so he can run for Deputy mayor, the job also being sought by Maxville Councillor Carma Williams.

In South Glengarry, Councillor Lyle Warden has joined Jacqueline Milner in the race for Deputy mayor.

How you voted

publisher Jun 8, 2018 - 9:26am


  • Amanda Simard, PC, 19,958 40.96% margin of 4,523
  • Pierre Leroux, Liberal 15,435 31.68%
  • Bonnie Jean-Louis, NDP 10,612 21.78%
  • Daniel Bruce Reid, Green 1,429 2.93%
  • Joël Charebonneau, Ontario 757 1.55%
  • Darcy Neil Donnelly, Libertarian 538 1.10%
  • Registered Electors on List 85,576
  • Voter Turnout 56.94%

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

  • Jim McDonell, PC 26,780 61.51% margin of 17,364
  • Marc Benoit, NDP 9,416 21.63%
  • Heather Megill, Liberal 5,386 12.37%
  • Elaine Kennedy, Green 1,596 3.67%
  • Sabile Trimm, Libertarian 360 0.83%
  • Registered Electors on List 78,642
  • Voter Turnout 55.36%